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Microblading is the art of sketching individual crisp hairs and implanting pigment just under the dermal surface of the skin. This technique creates a very natural look. It is perfect for clients who have full brows and would like to add shape and density. Perfect for clients who like a natural look and have dry to normal skin type. It is not suitable for clients with oily skin, clients who like a makeup or heavier look or clients with very sparse brows. 


Combination brows for many years have been our most popular choice of brow. The brow is an elevated version of a microbladed brow. Soft hair strokes are placed throughout the brow then a soft pixelated base of shaded is added. This gives the brow a fuller 3D texture making it the perfect choice for clients who have spare hairs or need a brow lift and shape change. Adding the shading gives a fuller and more natural look. Not suitable for clients who would like a very heavy makeup effect or clients with oily skin.


Ombre brows also known as powder or shadow brows are one of our favourite brow options. This brow is suitable for all clients. It can be made to be super soft and natural or it can be a beautiful structured dense makeup look. This brow is the best option for oily skin types. Ombre brows are made up of layers of soft shaded pixels, usually building density towards the tail of the brow and having a softer density towards the front. This brow usually yields the longest longevity and structure.


Lip blushing is the most popular treatment right now. Nearly all clients need this procedure without realising it. A colour is tattooed into the upper dermal layers of the lip, this colour can be as natural as your lip colour, or as vibrant as your favourite lipstick. Lip blushing will enhance your lip shape giving you a perfect fuller shape. It will restore the lost pigment due to age, filler or even just genetics. If you don't want to be too natural but you are unsure of which colour to choose then bring your favourite lipstick to your appointment and we will colour match!


Eyelash enhance is our most natural look for semi permanent eyeliners. Every man and woman needs this treatment! a very thin line is tattooed in-between your eyelashes (trust me its not as scary as it sounds) this thin line gives the eye the illusion of thicker lashes and depth of eye. This does not look like makeup and is very subtle once healed. Have you ever had your eyelashes tinted and thought, wow this looks great, but then it fades after one wash. This is a more permanent version of that effect lasting up to 18 months.


Classic eyeliner is a thicker version of our lash enhance. Aswell as tattooing the lash line we thicken the tattoo to extend slightly onto the eyelid. This gives the appearance of a soft eyeliner makeup look. so you always have perfect smudge free makeup on.


Latino eyeliner is otherwise known as ‘winged’ eyeliner, a sleek flick is added to the edge of the eyeliner to elongate, define and accentuate your eye shape. This can be a subtle baby liner or a bolder wing depending on your preference and anatomy. 


Shadow liner is Latinos smokier and softer sister. This type of eyeliner gives a soft blended eyeshadow effect. It can be created to be very subtle or more dramatic. Shadow liner gives a soft wing, usually going from black on the lash line and blending out to a beautiful colour. Some of our more popular choices are black to brown/charcoal/light grey/plum. The healed result is a beautifully smoked out effect for those who don’t want a crisp eyeliner shape. 


Our hydrafacial is the perfect deep-cleanse, skin-boosting treatment. We utilise several electric modalities including a hydra-extraction to clear the pores, ultrasonic lifting and tightening, a vibration-assisted skin scrubber to help clear any deeper congestion, radio frequency roller to boost your natural collagen production and a vitamin mister. This facial is great for a deep cleanse with anti-ageing benefits that will continue to work over subsequent weeks.


A carbon facial describes a facial powered by laser technology, the application of a carbon paste draws out any impurities from the skin, including blackheads, oils, dead skin cells, blemishes, and toxins to the skin surface. We then use an ND:Yag laser to target the carbon paste, eliminating any drawn out impurities with it. The mild warmth from this treatment helps to boost collagen production, leaving you with refreshed, clean and ultra-soft skin. 


The Glow Ritual utilizes technologies from Dermaplaning,High frequency and LED for an all-encompassing facial to bring lacklustre, dull and tired skin to a vibrant, plump and youthful glow. Starting with a deep cleanse using professional Neostrata products, a dermaplane exfoliation, high frequency to boost circulation, blitz any blemishes and stimulate collagen production, a facial mask to calm and soothe the skin, lymphatic drainage facial massage and LED for the perfect finish, healing the skin on a cellular level.

Laser Facial Treatment

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment using a sterile surgical blade remove dead skin cells and vellus hair that can lead to skin appearing dull and lifeless. This treatment treats skin congestion to leave with an instantly smoother and bright skin complexion. Dermaplane can also be added on to other facials, Just ask us!

Please note: dermaplaning does not cause hair to grow back thicker or darker, we remove only the vellus hair which will always grow at the same thickness. This is a common myth!


Microneedling, is a highly effective treatment for an array of skin concerns, loved by so many celebrities, treating acne scarring, stretch marks, ageing concerns, rosacea and pigmentation. We deliver a controlled micro-injury to the skin using fine rows of needles, provoking a wound healing response for the skin to repair itself. This initiates the production of new collagen and elastin to aid skin repair by replacing the old damaged tissue with freshly produced skin cells, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin. Several sessions may be needed depending on your skin concerns.


Have your brows discoloured? Do you want to change the shape? Decided you’d rather a softer colour? Just fancy a change? or have you had a disaster elsewhere? Our highly effective laser tattoo removal is now available for permanent makeup at Jessica Ruth Semi Permanent Makeup. Our ND:Yag Q-Switched laser will target the pigment within the brows and shatter the molecules beneath the skin surface. One session may be needed for lightening the brow and anywhere from 3-7 sessions may be needed for full removal. This image was after 3 sessions! 

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