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Borrow up to £3000 interest-free with Pay it monthly.

Pay in instalments from 2 - 6 months.

No interest, No surprises, No fees.

Build a strong credit profile.

How does it work?

Drop us a message about finance and what you are looking to finance. 

We pay your interest and fees, This % for us increases per month you choose to finance. Because of this we only offer;

- 3 months of finance for all permanent makeup

- 6 months of finance for all PMU courses 

- 12 months of finance for PMU courses will incur an additional % 

So when applying please only choose MAX 3 months for treatments or MAX 6 months for training. 

We will input your email to Pay it monthly.

Fill in the form, send us a screenshot of your credit approval. 

Once approved we will book/confirm your appointment. 

After your service, we just need a signature to say you received your treatment.

Voila! Finished! 

Payitmonthly T&C applies 


Thanks for submitting!

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